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To be a farmer

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As in my last post I said I will be resigning from my current work in Shanghai. Moreover, I will be leaving Shanghai and coming back to my hometown Zhengzhou.

Fathoming out Racket Package’s version

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Recently I received an email of a github comment on a Racket Package of mine named http-client, which was announced to release by my post of Announcing the release of http-client. Until then, I realized there really exist someone using my packages except me. This also make me realize I already came to the point to fathom out the design of Racket’s package version that I tried before and abandoned because of being short on time, and I should commit to add versions to my packages.

novel coronavirus

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It was December 2019, at that time I was rebuilding my blog this website with racket frog and was writing a blog post named “一次博客的洗礼”, I remember very well in that post I said I need to be more self-controlled from wasting time writing some useless daily life blog posts. Two months passed from that time until now, am I surprising myself and changing my mind, going back on my word and writing another trivial aspect things of my daily life?