My thought and announcing of racket package Yijing

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Most recently, I’m very passionate about chinese classical culture. If we take a deep look at the core of chinese culture, we are going to notice all of them include Traditional Chinese Medicine and 24 solar terms and even the way how ancient chinese recording time as their calendar, which is a mix of solar calendar and lunar calendar, are derived from Yijing. In a way, we can say that almost all the chinese things are built on the top of ideas of Yijing, although to this day the importance of it has been diminished by the developing of modern western science.

Once upon a time, the most famous chinese theoretical physicist, Yang Chen-Ning, said in the report of his recent research about Yijing and Chinese Culture, that it’s very likely the theory of Yijing deprived the posibility and inhibited chinese people from developing the modern science, which is well known developed by the westerners and it has been used widely by nowaday people and had improved the world rapidly in a very different perspective, compare to chinese’s contribution, the four great inventions of ancient China, such as Woodblock printing and compass before that.

Yang Chen-Ning had also talked about what he thinks about the chinese words, why chinese language is such different from all of the rest languages around world. This distinction of chinese, as I think, is the reason why chinese is more suitable to be the characters of a programming language instead of English, which is known widely used in the current programming language. And as a combination of Lisp, there is a chance for the new language to emerging out and this topic is going to be in my other post.

Over the recent past days, I’m in the mood of thinking over Yijing’s theory, together with mixing my past life experiences. And in the past for a long time, I’ve heard of some nowaday people who claim that they are trying to write a book about computer science, which book would be simple enough instead of being such complex as the books and current teaching of university’s professors, by their new way they expect the new book they wrote can even be read by both children and adults at the same level, which I always doubt the possibility of that.

And now, after having a skin-deep understanding of Yijing, I came up with a thought, after we have acquired all the modern western sciences and technologies and even we are better than it, in circumstance of this situation we are willing to find a way to express all of those we learned without languages, how can we achieve it? I think the answer can be Yijing.

But even with Yijing, we are only just telling the core rules about the natural, which natural is exactly just what the idea that Yijing is trying to expose to us, but what Yijing has ignored, is the details and implements of all the modern western science and technologies.

In conclusion, within a short page of words, you are only able to tell others the basic natural working rules such as Yijing illustrated. If you want to tell the details about the objects such as modern western science, it is not possible to be done within a sort page of words.

I’ll stop it at here, cause I’ve said too many things out of the topic. Here is my racket package about Yijing Icons, which can be very useful for you to learn Yijing, it illustrates the basic working process of chinese Yijing’s theory.