Announcing the release of Qweather

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I’m writing this post to announce the release of a new Racket package called Qweather, the source code of it is at:

About 4 years ago, I had written a tool named weather_daddy using Ruby to send the weather status to my father’s phone, since the ages of my father’s day gives him a storng mindset of sparing with every usable resoures no matter it is money water or power. Back to that time I was mainly writing Ruby code and using an APP named "2345天气", but time flies and lots of things have changed, as a result, I decided to write another application with using Racket and wrapping Qweather API to subsitute that Ruby tool I’ve just mentioned above.

Qweather in chinese is called 和风天气, which support to get the nearest three days weather forecasting for free, and also check its official price at here.

A piece of code demonstrating the basic usage of this package has shown below:
(require qweather)
(current-qweather-key "your-qweather-app-key")
(weather/now "101180106")

This Racket package still needs to add more code to cover other official API like 分钟级降水,空气质量,生活指数 and so on.