To be a farmer

/ 自省, english

As in my last post I said I will be resigning from my current work in Shanghai. Moreover, I will be leaving Shanghai and coming back to my hometown Zhengzhou.

Recently, a few people noticed my last Chinese post and sent me emails to provide me a remote job. By the same time, I also sent a few emails to others to find a remote job. After all those activities, I perceived one reality, for a job no matter it’s remote or in-office, most recruiters are expecting the potential employees to be working in full time and maybe more than 8 hours for nowadays.

But what I am expecting is a job that I have enough time to learn and implement techniques I interested, for the time being such as using the Racket language. At least, I don’t want the new job to be vitally pushed to implement business logics all the time.

Unfortunately, rarely people can find a job like this.

So after elaborately thought about it, I decide to make my resignation of this time to be a way more like a Chinese phrase called 退隐山田. That means, I’ve fully prepared myself to be free and available for a long time. And I will take this chance to learn things I’m interested and missing for a long time and lack time to do it.

Since I have been working for almost 10 years, it’s surely that the money I’ve saved can not be counted as ample, but it’s considerable and viable I will say. Besides, if I’m living in my hometown, it’s kind of like to be a farmer in a way, it’s an old Chinese living style I think probably can be called 小农 as far as I know, that means living in a way that produce foods for yourself.

Generally speaking, by that time, I’ll be with my parents planting vegetables in our yard and eating them every daily day instead of buying them from others. In this way, I definitely don’t need to speed too much money like in Shanghai.

So all in all, for the job, most likely, I will choose to do a long-term part-time job or a short-term full-time job unless I’m allowed to use Racket language.

Last time it is about six years ago that I came back to my hometown and had a summer. And then, I achieved to change my role to a Ruby developer. What would be happening this time? I don’t have an answer, and answer can be an answer only if you’re trying to answer it.