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It was December 2019, at that time I was rebuilding my blog this website with racket frog and was writing a blog post named “一次博客的洗礼”, I remember very well in that post I said I need to be more self-controlled from wasting time writing some useless daily life blog posts. Two months passed from that time until now, am I surprising myself and changing my mind, going back on my word and writing another trivial aspect things of my daily life?

pumpkin congee I cooked

pumpkin congee I cooked

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Well, yes, that’s true, I am. Recently, there is a lot of things happened around me, these things make me think over and over, deeply and thoroughly, from both macro perspectives and micro perspectives.

When I was young, before I decided to be a coder, there is a time I notice a cruel and harsh reality, that is it seems I own nothing and the only thing I am able to do is writing. So by that time I thought probably I can be a writer, at least I didn’t see another way to be out except that. And now when I think back of that time, I ask myself, why did I love to write and keep my diary in high school even though I was facing the pressure of entering a university? Why do I keep to write a blog once a month even though I already started my career? And why do I still have this feeling about to write something after I recognized that I should stop wasting too much time writing my blogs?

I think the most immediate reason for that is writing is good. It helps a lot and as much as possible to retain a person’s thought to be sharp and clear, to make a person reflect himself profoundly. And I benefit from it very much in the past. Besides, I think keep a diary and write blogs helps me improve my Chinese proficiency at a very deep level, if we take Chinese as an ancient language that can be very complicated.

Facing the truth of compressing my time and making the best use of my time, as a consequence, I come up with a thought: I will continually write my blog just like before, but instead of writing it all in Chinese, I will do it in English now and then and try my best to make my english post be polished especially when I don’t have a specific topic for the post, although this may make the post error-prone and artificial, but from the experience of how I learn chinese as a child and programming as an adult, I should just make mistakes without hesitation and use all the words I’ve just learned as much as possible and then correct the usage of them at the next time. And I think this is also two birds with on stone, I can consolidate my english as well as record every facet of life at the same time.

When it comes to How about my chinese new year, I remember it is on 21 January(27 December chinese calendar), I went back by highspeed train from Shanghai to Zhengzhou with my brother to celebrate it with my parents. When we passed the Xinzheng airport(my parents are living in Xinzheng), I was very curious to see the guards standing there holding a tool and scanning all of the passengers at the exit. But we arrived home that evening very smoothly. The next day morning I got up of the bed and when I was washing my face, my brother told me that there is a piece of news that says Wuhan city was going to be sealed off because of the uncontrollable spreading of the novel coronavirus. Actually, I was shocked by this news at that moment, I didn’t consider the new coronavirus as this kind of serious virus. And two days after this, our village committee give a notice to us through the loudspeaker: “please stay at home and do not go out to meet other people unless absolutely necessary”.

28 January, my brother and I went back to Shanghai as we planned earlier. I stay in my apartment just sleeping eating working and surfing the Internet almost every day in Shanghai until now. One month passed, And more recently, as far as from the data of newly infected persons I’ve seen, it is going down very surely, and Shanghai only has one person got infected yesterday. When I looked back and check the whole timeline of the novel coronavirus, I have to say, China is such a big country and chinese government is handling this very well. But during this period, I believe many people have heard very much misinformation, and I have heard fews of them are blaming the government at some very subtle things. Which makes me feel very sad for this is not the right timing to do this, people should stay home for this time being and hold togeher to resist the virus. So instead of like those persons blaming the government of being much less nimble, I blame those chinese people, for them being unwise, childish, stuffy and pedantic. And I even did a bit of research for the history of China and chinese things in my extra time. All in all, I admire and respect the people who are paying their efforts silently at behind very much. They are great people, they worth it, not the people who are blaming everything everywhere and did nothing for others.

If we check the videos about politics of China on the Youtube website, we can find out lots of videos are criticizing that. I treat some of that as truth fews years ago. But as my experience grows and the unarguable truth I’ve seen with my own eyes that China and chinese people’s life is going better and better, I can’t help to think over those videos from the opposite view.

It is also undeniable that we ever have a bad time and made the wrong decision in China’s modern history. Nobody can foresee the future like Jiang Zemin said once he had a conversation with other people. Time flies, the old people will die, there won’t be another literary talent leader like Mao Zedong, who is a poet and conducts thorough research to both history and culture of China. There won’t be another forward-looking leader like Deng Xiaoping, who changed China in a very pragmatic way. Nobody can make no mistakes, and we can’t just ignore the effort they’ve made and talked like we are the persons who had ever fight and bleed for a new world of China.

And I also binge-watch a new TV series named New World, which depicts a story happened at the end of the collapse of the Republic of China. And plus the novel coronavirus, I stay at home and almost cook every day, took lots of pictures of my cooking, check the pictures here.

So I guess this would the end of this post, it’s not very easy for me to write a blog post like this in english, which will be a reason for me to continue to do this. And also like everybody in the world, I still need time to think over many things in my life, include my work, my life, my friend, my parents, what should I choose to do next, where should I conduct my life to. Life is tough, we will carry on.