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My thought and announcing of racket package Yijing

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Most recently, I’m very passionate about chinese classical culture. If we take a deep look at the core of chinese culture, we are going to notice all of them include Traditional Chinese Medicine and 24 solar terms and even the way how ancient chinese recording time as their calendar, which is a mix of solar calendar and lunar calendar, are derived from Yijing. In a way, we can say that almost all the chinese things are built on the top of ideas of Yijing, although to this day the importance of it has been diminished by the developing of modern western science.

Fathoming out Racket Package’s version

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Recently I received an email of a github comment on a Racket Package of mine named http-client, which was announced to release by my post of Announcing the release of http-client. Until then, I realized there really exist someone using my packages except me. This also make me realize I already came to the point to fathom out the design of Racket’s package version that I tried before and abandoned because of being short on time, and I should commit to add versions to my packages.

novel coronavirus

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It was December 2019, at that time I was rebuilding my blog this website with racket frog and was writing a blog post named “一次博客的洗礼”, I remember very well in that post I said I need to be more self-controlled from wasting time writing some useless daily life blog posts. Two months passed from that time until now, am I surprising myself and changing my mind, going back on my word and writing another trivial aspect things of my daily life?